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Meeting with the CEO of MARII

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

The MCVTA Committee called on the CEO of the MARII on 06 November 2023 to share and fiscuss with CEO Tuan Azrul Reza issues and matters relating to the Commercial Vehicle industry.

Matters relating to Green Automotive Policies and the capacities and capabalities of our Malaysia Automotive Aftermarket sectors. We were honoured that the MARII has expressed their intention to assist MCVTA in the human capital development of the commercial vehicles workforce.

Acknowledging the representations of MCVTA, Tuan Azrul extended an invitation for MCVTA to join the Roundtable Meeting with the YBTM of MITI for the mid-term review of the National Automotive Policy.

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马来西亚商用车商协会委员会于2023年11月6日拜访了马来西亚汽车机器人与物联网研究院(MARII)的首席执行官,与首席执行官Tuan Azrul Reza分享和讨论与商用车辆行业相关的问题和事项。


在承认马来西亚商用车商协会的代表之后,Tuan Azrul邀请马来西亚商用车商协会参加与国际贸易与工业部(MITI)的中期国家汽车政策审查的YBTM(部长助理)一起举行的圆桌会议。


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