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MCVTA @ AMKL Fleet Management Conference [AUTOMECHANIKA KUALA LUMPUR 2023]




The MCVTA was honoured to be invited by the organisers of Automechanika Kuala Lumpur 2023, Messe Frankfurt Hong Kong to the conference to share with the members of the Malaysian transportations and Logistics industry.

MCVTA's President, Mr. Gwee, shed light on the topic of The Future of Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Industry with the participants of Automechanika.

Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on Malaysia's economy and dealt an unimaginable amount of damage to our country. But since the relaxation of the pandemic lockdown, our economy recorded a strong recovery in services, with manufacturing fuelling growth in the economy.

In the coming years, factors like advancement in vehicle safety, the introduction of driver-assist systems in vehicles, and rapidly growing logistics in the retail and e-commerce sectors are expected to drive the demand for new and advanced commercial vehicles in the market.

With the stabilization of our political scenario, rapid population and urbanization growth, developing infrastructure, and industrial expansion will be the primary drivers of commercial vehicle growth in the Malaysian market.

The Commercial Vehicles Market looks good for all of us, he said.

Mr. Gwee emphasized on these measures that needed to be taken by our industry to continue our robust recovery:

1) Ensuring clear and accessible programs to providing guidance and relief to firms;

2) Improving predictability of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Regulations and related Legislations;

3) Addressing financing constrains for Commercial Vehicles technological, digital, e- mobility adoptions

4) Improving government assistance programs for small, medium enterprises (SMEs) with better identification of needs of firms in the transportation industry;

5) Developing an enabling framework that provides more efficient and inclusive Transport Ministry and Agencies services to the transportation industry, particularly to SMEs.


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