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Streamlining Vehicle Permit Processes: APAD HQ Meeting Highlights

On 7th June 2024, key leaders from MCVTA met with the Land Public Transport Agency (APAD) Executive Team to discuss and improve various vehicle permit processes. 

Key Attendees:

  • MCVTA: Mr. Gwee Bok Wee (President), Mr. Donald Chan (Vice President), Mr. Khoo Kah Jin (Secretary General), Mr. Leong King Fook (Committee), Mr. Cho Chee Seng (Executive Secretary) and Ms Zennis Lim (Secretary) 

  • APAD: Datuk Azlan (Ketua Pengarah), En. Ahmad Radhi Bin Maarof, Pn. Nor Haslynda binti Wan Rahim, Pn. Julie Binti Samsudin, and En. Zaid Bin Sabit@Mubin

  • Advisor: Dato’ Nik Izani Nik Ibrahim

Major Updates and Decisions:

  1. Enhanced Online Vehicle Permit Applications and Endorsing Processing

MCVTA highlighted the inconvenience for Permit Applicants/Holders to go to APAD counter for one-time “facial registration” for such registrations; and the glitch with their system. 

Registration Options:

 Applicants can now register either at:

a. APAD counters; or 

b. Online registration using the “EKYP” software. Ensure proper lighting for facial recognition. 

Note: A service fee of RM4.30 applies.

MCVTA Proposed Approval Timeframes:

MCVTA proposed the following timeframe for approval to prevent misunderstandings of “delays” by applicants:-

a. Applications submitted before the 15th of the month will receive results by the first week of the following month.

b. Applications submitted after the 15th will receive results by the end of the following month.

2. Upcoming Briefing & Update Sessions:

MCVTA members are encouraged to join participate in “Briefing & Update Sessions on Permit Applications and System Use'' to get up-to-date information on permit applications and system use from APAD and MCVTA experts in Kuala Lumpur at the end of the month.

3. New Vehicle Applications:

  • Current Delay: Approval takes 30-35 days.

  • Improvement Plan: APAD is ironing out system issues and aims to reduce the current approval time once the online system stabilizes.

APAD also advised that, with the applications going online, the APAD system is linked to other Government Agencies for application documents verifications and updates confirmations; hence Vehicle Permit Applicants, when submitting such applications MUST ENSURE the following; 

  • Ensure that ALL applicant companies’ records with SSM are complete and up-to-date.

  • Clear ALL applicant companies’ vehicle summons status with MOT/PDRM.

  • Submit clear and complete supporting documents.

4. APAD Permit Endorsement after Vehicle Inspection

  • Current Issue: APD Permit Endorsements are delayed, sometimes taking over 1-2 months or more.

  • Action Plan: APAD commits to clearing outstanding cases within 7 working days and aims for a 3 working day timeframe for future endorsements.

5. Additional Considerations:

  • Simplifying the “C Permit” System: While canceling the system requires multi-ministry approval, APAD will explore simplifying the process.

  • Used (OLD) Commercial Vehicles:

  • For Sdn Bhd Companies: Permits can be used for new vehicles or those less than 15 years old.

  • For Enterprises (Owner-Operator): Permits can be used for new vehicles or those between 15 and 25 years old.

  • Mandatory Online Applications:

  • Starting May 2024, all vehicle permit applications must be submitted online via the iSPKP platform. Manual submissions will not be accepted.

This meeting marks a significant step towards more efficient and transparent vehicle permit processes. Stay tuned for more updates and ensure your participation in the upcoming briefing sessions.

For further details, please reach out to MCVTA at or APAD representatives.


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